Trey Hannah
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Nichol Salter lit a candle on 09/07/2007: "Hey~! I miss you... I haven't let anyone ride the fun class with me. That spots only for YOU~! HAHA! LOVE YOU!"
Danielle Boone lit a candle on 09/05/2007: "just watch over everyone... there are tons of people who love and miss you"
Mom lit a candle on 08/28/2007: "Trey, was just sitting here thinking of you and your beautiful smile. Keep shining down on us. I love you."
Austin Flockhart lit a candle on 08/07/2007: "you were one of my best friends..i miss you and i know i will see you again..LOVE U"
Kayla Flockhart lit a candle on 08/07/2007: "i love you trey and i miss you so much!"
Angie Trevizo Mom Of Christopher lit a candle on 08/04/2007: "U and my boy were born the same year I hope u met in heaven Send love and comfort home"
STEPH lit a candle on 08/01/2007: "something bad happend last week,all i could think about was u saying it will b ok.thanks 4 still being here w/ me"
Steph lit a candle on 08/01/2007: "hey trey happy late birthday.been thinking of you alot still love you but u already know that"
Ruby Hannah lit a candle on 07/25/2007: "Tray , It is still hard to beleive that you are in heaven and gone from all of us ,everyone loves you dearly"
Terrie Whiteman lit a candle on 07/24/2007: "Happy Birthday Trey, You are now an angel in heaven.God Bless Terrie, (Joey's Mom)"
Mom lit a candle on 06/28/2007: "Trey just wanted you to know that you have been on my mind a lot. I love you and miss you very much."
Lauren lit a candle on 05/26/2007: "he shows still arent tha same with out you.. i miss more and more everyday i love u over me:)"
Mom lit a candle on 05/16/2007: "Trey it is good to see your friends still remembering you. I love you very much. Will see you again oneday"
Kayla Kirkland lit a candle on 05/15/2007: "trey i just wanted to tell you that i miss you bunches! love you ,kayla!"
Kayla Flockhart lit a candle on 05/14/2007: "hey trey! i just wanted to say i miss you and i think about you so much..i cant wait to see you again in u"
Stephanie lit a candle on 04/20/2007: "Trey - I was one of the many that helped free you that night. I think of you and remember your face often."
Brandi Ballard lit a candle on 04/19/2007: "i know how it feels to loose a loved one.. samanha and lauren were my cousins and they will all be missed by many."
Sandy~Mom To Angel Michael David Hall lit a candle on 03/25/2007: "Trey...thinking of you, your family and friends & sending lots of love..."
Lisa lit a candle on 03/06/2007: ""Trey, It has been 3 years! I still miss you more than ever. Keep us all safe until we meet again. I Love You!"
Jessica Tapley lit a candle on 03/01/2007: "hay trey wow it has been three years! tell jessie n lauren i love them mucho! k? love u n miss u! take care!"
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